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Send Help!

A Collection of Marooned Cartoons, edited by New Yorker cartoonists Jon Adams and Ellis Rosen, is a book of desert island cartoons published by Voracious Books. Two of my cartoons are featured alongside top cartoonists. It’s available here.

Send Help A collection of marooned cartoons
by Jon Adams and Ellis Rosen

Tiger Tom Jumbo Book

A large-format book with 36 pages, and 16 hidden-object pictures chock full of details. Ideal for ESL teachers looking for a visual aid in the classroom. Suggested lesson plans are in German. Available for order here: https://www.oebv.at/produkte/tiger-tom-12-jumbo-book

Tiger Tom Jumbo Book | © Sarah Morrissette
Tiger Tom Jumbo Book | © Sarah Morrissette
Tiger Tom Jumbo Book | © Sarah Morrissette

Zine #1

…with a few cartoons and illustrations about my teen years on a hippie commune in the 1970s. Contains nudity! €10 for a signed, 16-page limited edition copy (includes shipping)

Zine “Story of an Artist”

…is my first zine about why I paint and draw certain things. Basically, it’s a short autobiography in pictures, something I wrote for kids. €10 for a signed, 24-page limited edition copy (includes postage)

Story of an Artist zine | © Sarah Morrissette