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Here are some of my paintings from the last 15 years. Large, medium and small format, acrylic on canvas. Most of these have already sold and are in private collections in Austria and the USA. Many of these and others can be purchased as a print at one of your favourite places. Posterlounge, Fine Art America, Photocircle, Saachi Art, Fy!, and Inprnt.

The first painting is based on a black and white photograph. Image use courtesy of the George Hoyningen-Huene estate.


1964 Born in Palo Alto, California, USA

1989-1992 Richard Green Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA

1994 Graduated from UCLA (BA: English, Creative Writing)

1995 Moved to Vienna, Austria

1999-2001 Painted murals for Aucon Kunstwerk, Vienna, Austria

Since 2001 Exhibitions and private commissions in Austria 

Since 2006 Studio work and murals for Atelier-Ultramarin, Vienna, Austria

2011 Grant from the Austrian Ministry of Art and Culture

Sept 2014 Nomination for the St Leopold Friedenspreis 2014, Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria  

Sept 2016 Tiger Tom Jumbo Book published by ÖBV, Vienna, Austria

2017 Grant from the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture 

Since 2014 Cartooning und illustration projects, Vienna, Austria

2024 Sold first cartoon to The New Yorker magazine 


Apr 2006 Installation for Novo Nordisk, 1010 Vienna, Austria

2007-2009 Galerie Bastart, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Dec 2008 “Paint for Life” Benefit Auction, MUMOK Hofstallung, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Mar 2009 „Intermezzo VII“ Galerie Gans, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Dec 2010 “Kunst zu Recht,” Gericht Innere Stadt, 1030 Vienna, Austria

May 2011 Im Achten Herum, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Jun 2012 Im Achten Herum, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Sept 2012 Leiner, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Dec 2012 „Kunst Defilee“, Friedrich Otto Schmidt, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Feb 2013 Goldsteiner & Partner, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Jun 2013 Im Achten Herum,  1080 Vienna, Austria

Nov 2013 Gaisbauer, Linz, Austria

Sept 2014 Wine-House, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Nov 2014 Infeld-Haus der Kultur, Halbturn, Austria

Sept 2015 Im Achten Herum, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Jun 2018 Leiner, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Oct 2018 Vini per Tutti, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Apr 2019 Indie Comix Day, 1070 Museumsquartier, Vienna

Apr 2019 Lichtraum Eins, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Jun 2019 Atelier Adrian Moldovan, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Feb 2020 Zine Matters, Quatro Print, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Mar 2023 NextComic, Ursulinenhof, 4010 Linz, Austria

Sep 2023 Exhibition First Vienna’s Art Park, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Dec 2023 Lichtraum Eins, 1010, Vienna, Austria


Jun 2007 Erste Bank, 1170 Vienna, Austria

Apr 2009 Gassauer-Fleissner Rechtsanwälte, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Mar 2013 Amerika Haus,  1010 Vienna, Austria

Sept 2014 Deutsche Handelskammer in Österreich,  1030 Vienna, Austria

Nov 2015 Genussgalerie, Kutschkermarkt, 1180 Vienna, Austria

Nov 2017 Art Tuesday in Aart Eventraum,  1180 Vienna,Austria